Whimsical Nostalgia, Handcrafted With Love

Curated Collection of Hometown-Inspired Gifts Like Pillows, Towels, Bags, Totes, Jigsaws, and More

Artisanal Creations Reflecting Hometown Essence in Connecticut

At TownieSwag, we bring you an array of handcrafted products and gift items like pillows, tea towels, bottle bags, totes, and more, each designed to evoke the essence of your hometown. Step into the rich tapestry of America's towns, where every corner holds a story, from the infamous urban legends and quaint ice cream shops to the eccentric old lady at the end of the lane. TownieSwag pays homage to these narratives, infusing them with charm and nostalgia.

An Ode to Community Spirit

In the heart of a small town comprising barely 6000 people, designer Annette Cook found inspiration to transform hometown pride into a tangible expression. Her first Townie bag, lovingly crafted to showcase local landmarks and inside jokes, sparked a wave of enthusiasm at a craft fair, proving that shared stories can unite even the most diverse communities.

From Artisanal Creations to Wearable Memories

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for preserving local lore, Annette transforms her designs into an array of merchandise, including totes, pillows, tea towels, coasters, and t-shirts. Each item is a tribute to the places and moments that define our hometowns, allowing us to carry a piece of our heritage wherever we go. "These bags elicit smiles, joyful reminiscing, and most importantly, connection when people carry Townie Bags," says Annette about her creations. Whether you hail from a charming seaside village or a bustling urban enclave, TownieSwag invites you to celebrate your hometown with pride.

Local Design, Local Production

Every TownieSwag item is conceived, designed, and printed right here in Connecticut, embodying the spirit of local craftsmanship. While some of our products are sewn in-house, we collaborate with a talented group of expert tailors and craftsmen across the state to bring our creations to life. At TownieSwag, we're on a mission to prove that well-made products can be crafted in America, with workers earning fair wages and customers receiving excellent value.

A bag with the words " daily stories ".

When Will My Town Be Covered

Curious about when TownieSwag will cover your town? Since our journey began in Spring 2021, we've been bustling through Connecticut and now New England, hitting over 160 locations so far! Requests for towns nationwide keep rolling in, and we're eager to expand our reach. Want to speed up the process for your town? Just toss us some local lingo or buzzwords that really capture the vibe, and we'll bump it to the top of the list! If you're game to help, we'll throw in $100 credit for TownieSwag merch. Remember, we're looking for the real inside scoop, not just stuff anybody can find on Google.

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